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System Improvement

System Improvement Implemented on the Suggestion of Vigilance Department


System Improvement issued

Letter No.




Location at which sample measurements were taken for recording MB in building works to be specified.

PCE/CORE letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 27.04.2020



Floating of tender without updating LARs.


Dy. CSTE/HQ/CORE letter no. CORE/S&T/Vig/20/Pt. I dated 04.05.2020



Work not executed as per modification to standard dig. Traceability of records from site to MB.


Dy. CE/CORE letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 11.05.2020



Minimum acceptable cost unambiguously stated.

Dy. CE/CORE letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 19.05.2020



Grade of concrete to be used in RCC works

Dy. CE/CORE letter no. CORE/Engg./Standard Drawings dated 20.05.2020



Vetting of indents as per item cost.


Dy. CMM-II/CORE letter no. CORE/S/Misc dated 29.05.2020



Vetting of indents for non-stock items.


Dy. CE/CORE letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 01.06.2020



Similar nature of work adopted by different projects.

Dy. CE/CORE letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 01.06.2020



Tender for service contract


CEE/P&D/CORE letter no. ELCORE/Vig/2018 dated 05.06.2020



Estimated cost in Tenders and Quotations

CPD/RE/ADI letter no. CPD/RE/ADI/Vig/01-05/20-21 dated 26.05.2020.



Bill passing through IPAS

Dy. FA&CAO/II/CORE letter no. 47/RE/A/cs/Store Bill/Misc dated 04.08.2020



Modifications in drawings in accordance with IS standard.

Dy. CE/HQ/CORE letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 10.09.2020



Provision of quantities against essential items in Tender


Dy. CSTE/HQ/CORE letter no. CORE/S&T/Vig/Conf/1 dated 05.11.2020



Guidelines regarding application of GST on different component in service contract.

Dy. FA&CAO/I/CORE letter no. CORE/A/cs/GST/Part III dated 05.02.2020



System improvement  regarding re -engagement of retired staffs on daily remuneration basis in exigencies of services.

System improvement regarding re-engagement of retired staffs 



Re-enforcement of prevalent guidelines with regards to tender opening and validity periods.


XEN/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 27.11.2020




सामाग्री की उचित दर संबन्धित सुधार प्रणाली

Dy. CMM/II/CORE letter no. CORE/S/VIG/2017 dated 19.03.2021



Protective works of underground telecom cable

Dy.CSTE/W/CORE letter no. S&T/CORE/Vig/Confidential dated 31.03.2021



Regarding Store tender executed by GeM

Dy CMM/III/CORE letter no. CORE/S/363/GeM dated 09.04.2021


20 Regarding uniformity on the aspect of usage of SOR items in tenders floated by CORE and RE project unit. XEN/CORE letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 27.05.2021 Engg.
21 Vetting of Contract Agreement  XEN/CORE letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 10.08.2021 Engg.
22 OHE foundation design Dy. CEE(OHE-II)/CORE letter no. ELCORE/T/OHE/Policy/System Improvement dated 18.08.2021  Elect.
23 Regarding Bank Guarantee submitted by the contractor. Dy. CEE/OHE-I/CORE letter no. ELCORE/T/OHE/Policy/1 Pt. XVII dated 23.08.2021. Elect.
24 Guidelines pertaining to structure marking by RITES and preservation of 02% consignee checked samples o steel structures Dy. CEE(HQ)/RE/LKO letter no. Dy.CEE(HQ)/RE/LKO/Misc/2021 dated 03.09.2021 Elect.
25 Provision of pile foundations in TSS Control Building & Staff Quarter works. XEN/CORE letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 20.09.2021 Engg.
26 Regarding Service Contracts XEN/CORE letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 21.09.2021 Engg.
27 System improvement in Acceptance of Tender CEE/Works/CORE letter no. CAO/CORE/VIG/Pt.I dated 27.09.2021  Elect.
28 System improvement in Service Contracts CEE/Works/CORE letter no. CAO/CORE/VIG/Pt.I dated 27.09.2021  Elect.
29 Guiding limits of maximum cement content in concrete Mix Design for Railway structures and bridge. PCE/COREletter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Policy dated 17.12.2021 Engg.



30 Regarding execution of laying of Telecom cable (OFC and Quad) work. Dy. CSTE/P/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/S&T/Tele/Tender/900 Policy Pt. VI dated 19.01.2022 S&T
31 Local Purchase Dy. CMM-III/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/S/LP/General Correspondence/2020 dated 08.02.2022 Store
32 System improvement regarding procurement of goods through GeM Dy. CMM-III/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/S/GeM/362 dated 17.02.2022 Store
33 Timely finalization of tenders Dy. CE/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 24.02.2022 Engg.
34 Timely finalization of tenders Dy.CEE/OHE-I/CORE letter no. ELCORE/T/OHE/Vigilance/I/142 Part-IV dated 07.03.2022 Elect.
35 Guidelines for soil testing undertaken by RE/Project in Engg. dept.  Dy.CE/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 12.04.2022 Engg.
36 Recording Measurement in Measurement Book (MB) Dy.CE/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dated 03.06.2022 Engg.
37 System improvement plan in cube testing procedures Dy. CEE/OHE-I/CORE/PRYJ letter no. ELCORE/T/OHE/Vigilance/I/142 Pt. IV dt. 28.06.2022.  Elect.
38 System improvement plan in work of Telecom Arrangement for SCADA CAO/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CAO/CORE/VIG/Pt.II da. 07.07.2022 Elect.
39 System improvement regarding only foundation work for exemption as per note - 8 of para 9(a) of Model SOP - 2018 Dy. CE/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dt. 26.07.2022 Engg.
40 System improvement regarding signaling cable laying work. Dy.CSTE/P/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/S&T/Vig./Confl./1 dt. 05.07.2022  S&T
41 Adherence with standard format of "7 days' notice", "48 hours' notice" and "Termination notice". Dy.CSTE/HQ/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/S&T/G/SIG/406  dt.21.10.2022  S&T
42 Adherence with standard format of "7 days' notice", "48 hours' notice" and "Termination notice". Dy. CE/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dt. 27.10.2022 Engg.
43 System improvement in procurement of Goods and Services through GeM Dy. CMM/IV/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/S/112 dt. 16.12.2022 Store



44  Procurement of works Dy. CEE/OHE-I/CORE/PRYJ letter no. ELCORE/I/OHE/Vigilance/1/142 Pt. IV dt. 05.01.2023 Elect.
45 Irregularity in casting of side support foundation in fabricated type height gauge at LC gates. No. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dt. 16.01.2023 Engg.
46 A system improvement plan for Effectuation and Recording of Penalty  in DAR case. No. E/RE/CON/2/Misc dt. 22.02.2023 Pers.
47 Guidelines to ensure recovery/payment of Price Variation/Adjustment No. ELCORE/T/OHE/Policy/System Improvement Elect.
48 Regarding issue of suitable guidelines in connection with outsourcing tenders - System Improvement. No. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dt. 13.02.2023 Engg.
49 Regarding timely extension in DOC of the contracts CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dt. 22.05.2023 Engg.
50 Regarding timely extension in DOC of the contracts ELCORE/T/OHE/System Improvement/Part - I dt. 23.05.2023 Elect.
51 Maintenance of Site records at work Site - System improvement. Dy. CE/CORE/PRYJ letter no. CORE/Tender/Civil/Vigilance dt. 30.06.2023 Engg.
52 Regarding Irregularities in intimation for acquisition/disposal of Immovable property. SPO/Gaz/CORE letter no. E/RE/CON/2/Misc dt. 21.06.2023  Pers.
  Accountal  of Copper scrap in RE projects CAO/CORE letter no. ELCORE/MP/Vendor/Confidential/2018/Pt.I dt. 18.12.2023 Elect.


53 Documentation of the reasons for disqualification of firm in the tender file. Dy. CMM/CORE letter no. CORE/S/362/GeM dt. 11.01.2024 Store
54 System Improvement in connection with the diversion of surplus material. Dy. CEE/MP/CORE letter no. ELCORE/MP/Vendor/Confidential/2018 Pt. I dated 02.02.2024 Elect.
55 Significant design changes in EPC contracts Dy. CEE/OHE-I/CORE letter no. ELCORE/T/OHE/System Improvement/Part - I dated 16.02.2024  Elect.






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