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Advantages of Railway Electrification


Advantages of Railway Electrification

i) Energy Conservation through Railway Electrification:

                Railway transport is far more energy efficient as compared to road transport. Railways are; a) Six times more energy efficient as compared to road, b) Four times more economical in land use c) Six times more cost effective vis-à-vis road in construction costs for comparable levels of traffic. Among the modes of rail transport, electric traction is the most energy efficient. This can be seen in the light of the fact that every 100 route kilometers electrified section results in saving of annual consumption of more than four million liters of diesel oil, which saves Rs. 2500 Crores worth foreign exchange annually.

ii) Role of Electric Traction in Suburban Transport:

Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) are ideal for suburban services with higher acceleration and braking features required for frequent starts and stops. EMU services form the backbone of suburban transportation in the metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. In Mumbai area alone, about 1950 EMU trains are running daily on the suburban sections of Central and Western Railways which cater for about 5 million passengers every day.

Electrification has made possible the introduction of EMU services in many suburban like main line sections. These services have become extremely popular.